Flat Laminated Glass

Classic Car

What is flat laminated glass?

Flat laminated glass

Flat laminated glass is the result of two or more layers of glass being formed together with a vinyl interlayer called POLYVINYLBUTYRAL(P.V.B.).

This process produces very strong safety glass which does not shatter when it has been damaged, instead the damaged glass is held together by the PVB interlayer and its appearance resembles that of a spiders web.

All of our Flat laminated glass meets the British Standard: BS857.

Where is flat laminated glass used?

Flat laminated glass can be used in a number of applications like classic cars, agricultural vehicles including plant, lorries, boats, military vehicles. In fact, any vehicle that has glass with a flat aperture, rather than curved glass.

Tractor with laminated glass
Boat with laminated glass
Digger with laminated glass

What is the installation process and how long does it take?

We know how important it is to reduce the time that your vehicle can not be used.

For your convenience and to ensure that your vehicle incurs minimal downtime, our flat laminated glass can be professionally cut to the correct dimensions and installed onsite, or wherever the vehicle is located.

Auto Screentek install our flat laminated glass using one of two fitment methods:

  • Installed using a rubber fitment
  • Bonded. This technique does require an additional one hours drying time, after fitment, before the vehicle can be used.

What is the lead and installation time for flat laminated glass?

Here at Auto Screentek, most sizes are kept in stock. Should we not hold in stock the size that you require, our general turnaround time can be either same day or next day, depending on your requirements.

Please contact us for details.

How much does flat laminated glass cost?

Prices start from as low as £30!

Please contact us for a very competitive quotation for the supply or the supply and fitment of flat laminated glass.