Windscreen Replacement

Windscreen replacement for the inside

What’s involved in windscreen replacement?

We try to repair your windscreen, whenever possible, as long as it is legal to do so. However, there are times when your windscreen must be replaced.

At Auto Screentek, we are usually able to identify the required replacement windscreen by your vehicle’s registration plate, but very occasionally a little more information will be required.

Our high quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass is supplied by the UK’s largest stockist of automotive glass, which is manufactured to conform with the British Standards.

The damaged glass is carefully removed using an angled knife or wire, any broken glass within or around your vehicle is safely removed and then the aperture is cleaned and prepared.

New polyurethane adhesive is then applied, using a motorised gun and the replacement glass is installed. New windscreen mouldings and/or clips are installed when needed.

Finally, we clean and polish the new windscreen, for a showroom finish.

This windscreen replacement process will normally take approximately 30-45 minutes. An additional one hours curing time is required before the vehicle is safe to drive away.

My vehicle’s windscreen has rain sensors, are you able to cater for this?

All of Auto Screentek’s technicians are highly trained, equipped with the required professional tools, and have expert knowledge to deal with all advanced windscreen features, such as:

  • Windscreens with Rain and Light Sensors
  • Heated Windscreens
  • Solar Reflective Windscreens

We offer a fully mobile service!

We also offer a fully mobile service, providing you with the greatest flexibility and can preform the replacement windscreen installation at a location which is convenient to you, whether that be at home or at work.

Please contact us for a very competitive quotation.